Scientologists vs Scientology

Emily Dickinson wrote, “…pain has an element of blank…” a century before LRH spoke of  engrams.

In 1950, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health claimed “scientific” breakthroughs for mental health. Hope was on the horizon. Subsequently, Hubbard brilliantly codified linear steps in scientific parlance toward transcendence.

Emily’s 19th C poetry was replete with transcendence sans stepping stones. “The brain is wider than the sky…” Or: “The Soul unto itself is an imperial friend…” I especially like how she dealt with her own emotional state in:

I can wade Grief —

Whole Pools of it —

I’m used to that —

But the least push of Joy

Breaks up my feet —

And I tip — drunken —

Let no Pebble — smile —

‘Twas the New Liquor —

That was all!

Emily simply takes a look at her situation, sees it for what it is, then moves on. Women  see things in a more holistic way than do men with their linear methodology. Both are required in a twin-like way, I say.

Today, in the 21st C, the scientific world is passing scientology by. There is no science in scientology today. This quote, “Any science that does not take into account all data pertinent to the function is flawed science” illustrates this fact. Scientology is flawed when it cannot/will not factor in the human quotient. It’s Borg-like. An individual has no autonomy within the group today. Yet, when I entered scientology, I learned one’s true individuality was augmented through scientology. One’s personal ethics was their best security.

Albert Einstein said, “People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Curiously, the most current scientists have improved upon Einstein’s theories suggesting consciousness/ mindfulness/awareness is “the ground for all being” per physicist Amit Goswami.

Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, has taken us out of the Darwinian mode of survival of the fittest towards bridging the link between matter and consciousness, showing with his research that we create health and/or disease with our thoughts. The cells of the human body survive through cooperation, as does mankind in the macro. These are the kind of scientific facts that may help human beings transcend if they seek such a path.

The HeartMath Institute has definitive data showing the influences of humanity’s thinking on the world itself. Earth’s electromagnetic pulse resonates within each of us and vice versa. We are all connected electromagnetically, and we can cause the flows to go smoothly, or not.

The last and final freedom, according to Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, is one’s choice of attitude. It is a freedom no one can take away.

It is as E.D. proclaimed a century ago – an authentic self protects the whole.

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Ownership isn’t about things.

Everything is illusion anyway.

Quantum physics…

Ownership resides at one’s core, where the being knows that it knows.

Recognition of innate knowledge is key.

To know self is connected to Source is sublime.


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Hello, I’m listening!

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